The Scientific Exploration Society 'Elodie Sandford Explorer Award 2018' Announced...

Our team member Eleanor Flatt has been awarded the 2018 Elodie Sandford Explorer Award by the Scientific Exploration Society (@SES_explore). Amazing news that will allow the team to continue their great work that was started in 2015. This time with a new photography element focusing on indigenous stories!


The SES Elodie Sandford Explorer Award was created by Elodies family and friends in memory of Elodie, an honorary Vice-President of the Scientific Exploration Society and keen photographer. Our team member Eleanor is perfect for this award as she will be co-leading the 2018 Exploration Sira expeditions: adventurous, innovative and involving photography focusing on the stories of indigenous people living in a remote area and the plight of fauna and flora. All of which Elodie Sandford treasured.

Elodies family presenting the SES flag to our new #pioneerwithpurpose Eleanor Flatt.

Congratulations Eleanor and thankyou to SES and the Sandfords.

Follow our journey @ExplorationSira

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