Get to know our new team member...

A big welcome to our newest member of the Exploration Sira team; Eleanor Flatt, a 25 year-old wildlife biologist and photographer from Peterborough in England.

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I have been working as a biologist in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica for the last 3 years. Working with camera traps (on the forest floor and up in the canopy), sea turtles, dung beetles, birds and rainforest restoration. Here is where I fell in love with tropical field biology and exploring wild and wonderful places. As soon as I heard about the Exploration Sira team, I was immediately infatuated by their work. I became determined to help the team achieve their mission; helping to protect Cerros del Sira through scientific research and community outreach.

A hobby of mine is photography, ever since I got my first camera when I was a child I haven’t stopped taking photos and have been able to do so in many different parts of the world. Another passion of mine is to tell the stories of unique and wonderful places through photography, connecting its wildlife and people. This is what I plan to with the Exploration Sira Team. This is a new element to the Exploration Sira expeditions and something which I think will help generate greater global awareness for the remote and unique place of Cerros del Sira.

I am thrilled to become a part of the Exploration Sira family and excited to share all the photos and videos from our 2018 expeditions.

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