Exploration sira


W 74°46'28.6",  S 9°20'9.6"



Mission Statement

The Cerros del Sira is a rugged satellite of mountains of the Peruvian Andes. Its isolation from the main Andean chain and its range in altitude (130-2250m) lend it a unique, but poorly understood assemblage of wild plants and animals. Exploration Sira represents an experienced team of British and Peruvian scientists who are striving to find out more about the biodiversity and threats within the Cerros del Sira. 

We aim to learn more about the elusive wildlife which calls the Sira home; and to generate greater global awareness of the importance of the Sira region and the challenges that both the wildlife and its peoples are facing. A greater awareness and baseline of information will provide the backbone to develop tangible and effective solutions for the survival of the Cerros del Sira and its incredible biodiversity long into the future.


Sira Communal Reserve

Created in 2001. Covers 6000 km2.


130m to 2250m

Key Species

Sira Curassow, Andean Bear, Sira Tanager 


"There are special places in this world which simply don't get the attention and protection they deserve - the Cerros del Sira is one of those." 



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