Latest MAAP update on deforestation drivers in Peru

The MAAP team have synthesized the deforestation drivers in Peru, based on 50 MAAP reports published between April 2015 and November 2016. The objective is to synthesize all the information to date regarding deforestation trends, patterns and drivers in the Peruvian Amazon.

Check it out here.

As you can be seen from the figure below... the Sira Reserve and its wildlife are under serious threat.


Bushnell Cameras Awarded to Exploration Sira

Delighted to announce that Bushell (@BushnellNature) have awarded four of their newest cameras to supplement our 20 surviving cameras from 2015. Kate Macrae (also known as WildlifeKate @katemacrae), along with Bushnell and @handykam (in 2015), has been a great supporter of the teams work.

The team is incredibly grateful for the show of support and hopes the incredible footage of the wildlife from the Sira will be an in-kind reward.