Update from Puerto Inca – 4 days to go.

Ruth and Chris have just returned from their first visit of the Golandrinas community where they have recruited guides and porters for the transect into El Sira. Golandrinas is a small community of only 30 adults, living right on the edge of the Sira Communal Reserve. Our guides, Ernesto and Simone, are incredibly knowledgeable about the forest and a really looking forward to getting deeper into the Sira than they ever have previously!

The community regularly hunt wildlife and have never worked with biologists before, which raises some interesting issues and problems. More on this and more when we return.

There was also a little drama leaving the community on Wednesday, as some incredibly strong rain overnight made the river you have to cross on foot swell from just over two feet to over three feet and fast flowing. Ernesto helped Ruth over, who was struggling with water getting up well over her waist. Chris followed, filiming the whole event on his camera… until he was the one who ended slipping and getting fully submerged! Asi es la vida, la vida loca!

Now Ruth and Chris are waiting for Andy to arrive on Saturday before they all head back to Golandrinas on Sunday… Bring on the expedition!